Video feature added to For Sale For Lease

Toronto – For Sale For Lease now offers video profiles of commercial real estate and businesses for sale.

“Everybody loves watching videos! It’s more expressive than text descriptions,” an employee commented.

The first video profiles a campground for sale in Dryden, ON and is approximately 10 minutes in duration. It is the first of many videos to be showcased on the website.

In addition to textual descriptions and pictures, videos can now describe the businesses and properties for sale.

For Sale For Lease showcases commercial real estate and businesses for sale in the Canadian marketplace. Commercial real estate broker and agent listings are displayed throughout the website. To view the first video profile visit



For Sale For Lease Blog Launched

Toronto – A new blog has been published by For Sale For Lease. Postings will highlight industry related information.

A representative from For Sale For Lease commented, “In keeping with the company’s mission statement, adding a blog was the next logical step.”

The new blog features press releases and news posted by For Sale For Lease. It also will include commentary on clients, all of whom are a part of the commercial real estate industry. The blog will also include industry related content that can be discussed by visitors to the blog.

Those looking for commercial real estate; office, retail or industrial space; and those looking for businesses for sale can find what they are looking for by visiting the For Sale For Lease website. It provides an outlet that brings buyers and sellers together. Listings from real estate agents and brokers are posted.

To be a part of the online blog community register at


Online Traffic Doubles at For Sale For Lease

Toronto – Focusing on building a better web presence is paying off for For Sale For Lease. Monthly traffic in July doubled when compared to June. Both total visits and unique visitor figures doubled.

“We’ve focussed our attention on improving web traffic and I’m glad to see that it’s working. We will continue working to drive those numbers even higher.” Russell Littler, CEO of For Sale For Lease said.

Visitor traffic to the website jumped 96.94% over the month of July when compared to June traffic.  Much of this is attributed to the company’s focus on delivering a better web experience and focusing on reaching business owners and those looking for commercial space. Unique visitors increased by even more;  114.08%.

For Sale For Lease is Canada’s leading source for businesses for sale and commercial real estate. They feature retail, office and industrial space for sale by landlords, brokers and real estate agents. Listings span from as far west as Vancouver, BC to as far east as Halifax, NS.

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For Sale For Lease Announces A Greater Web Presence

Toronto – The elimination of their monthly magazine has resulted in a win-win situation for the environment and clients. Now clients benefit from the national exposure and the environment benefits from the elimination of paper. Focusing more attention the website also means that commercial real estate can be presented as soon as it goes up for sale/lease – instead of monthly.

“Distributing a monthly magazine restricted our exposure to the GTA and represented a tremendous environmental cost. It was within our best interest to focus on our website.” Russell Littler, CEO.

An estimated 107 trees will be spared monthly in For Sale For Lease’s green movement. Environmentally-damaging chemicals used to create and print the publication will cease and carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere in the distribution of the magazine will also end.

For Sale For Lease publishes information about commercial real estate and businesses for sale throughout canada. The greater and more environmentally-friendly approach of a national online focus brings greater value to those looking to purchase a business, lease office space or purchase other forms of commercial real estate. For further information go green at