Toronto office space in 2010

2010 could be a leaser’s market in Toronto. 2009 results show that the market for office space in Toronto has declined. Further, these declines are expected to continue throughout 2010.

The anticipated asking rent for Toronto office space is expected to continue to fall until the end of 2010. The cause for this decline has been a combination of events. Firstly, the economic recession has squeezed many organizations and restricted credit. Without available credit fewer companies are able to afford to pay high rent; and in many instances, even to exist. The second reason for the decline was an increase in new office buildings, as was highlighted by Colliers International. Much of the new office space was B and C grade space, constructed primarily in Toronto’s downtown core. 16 new buildings were constructed in 2009 contributing nearly 4.7million new square footage of office space. Declining demand and increasing supply are putting downward pressure on asking rents. It is forecasted that average office rent could fall to $16.00/SF by year’s end; from $16.20/SF ending 2009 and $17.83/SF ending 2008.

Increased supply and decreased demand have also affected Toronto’s sublease market for office space. According to Colliers International, since Q4/2008, sublease vacancy has increased by 48%. This should not come as much of a surprise. The increase in office space for lease increases the total quantity of space available; contributing to downward pressure on prices. Businesses looking to spread their costs and make use of unused space are expected to continue feeling the pinch. It is anticipated that vacancy rates in Toronto’s office sublease market could continue to rise to 6.9% by the end of 2010; it is currently 6.1%. All of this bodes well for those looking to acquire space.

Falling office prices in both the sublease and lease markets of Toronto could bring much needed comfort to those looking to expand. Better prices and wider selection is all consumers ever ask for. publishes thousands of commercial property listings including office spaceindustrial space and businesses for sale.

Find For Sale For Lease on Facebook

For Sale For Lease has launched a Facebook page.

“Who isn’t using Facebook? It something all businesses are thinking about and how to best use it.” For Sale For Lease admits.

Users can follow FSFL on Facebook to see notes, links and updates posted on the wall. In becoming a fan, all of this information can be accessed through the existing Facebook interface.

For Sale For Lease is broadening its visibility as it works to become Canada’s leading source for office, retail and other commercial real estate. Become a friend of For Sale For Lease: or search for commercial properties at


Metro Suburban Realty Joins For Sale For Lease

Ottawa-based commercial property broker Metro Suburban Realty joins the For Sale For Lease network.

“Metro Suburban is a great partner to have. They have great exposure in the Ottawa region and Eastern Ontario with a wide variety of commercial property.” Commented For Sale For Lease.

Metro Suburban Realty Ltd is an independent commercial property broker in Ottawa. Their services extend beyond just corporate real estate but also into the government and non-profit markets. Setting them apart from their competition is their ISO9000:2000 membership – they are only one of two real estate companies with such accreditation. They have also won several consumers’ choice awards for their business excellence in the Ottawa area.

For Sale For Lease is Canada’s leading source for commercial property and businesses for sale. Details on thousands of offices, warehouses and businesses for sale and for lease can be found on its website. To check out office space, virtual offices, industrial warehouses and other commercial property from Metro Suburban Realty on For Sale For lease visit:


Real estate and terms and business glossary at For Sale For Lease

A real estate glossary for the layman.

“There are very few places that people can find real estate terms online. Not all of our visitors are landlords, agents or brokers; many are business owners who don’t use real estate jargon regularly.”

In an effort to fill a void and bring greater usability to non-industry visitors, For Sale For Lease published a glossary. Terms are not exclusive to commercial real estate but to all of real estate as well as business terminology. The link at to bottom of every page makes for easy access.

For Sale For Lease is a Canadian nationwide website that showcases industrial, retail and office space on behalf of landlords, agents and brokers. They provide a medium to combine the interest of those selling and buying commercial property.

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For Sale For Lease adds social bookmarking

Toronto, ON – For Sale For Lease adds social bookmarking applications to its listing pages.

“We want our visitors to have the option of spreading content that they feel is useful. With all of the different applications out there, we felt it was important offer as many relevant ones on our website as possible.” Explained a For Sale For Lease employee.

Retail, industrial and office space listings now have many different social bookmarking links on them including: Digg, Twitter, Mixx, Reddit, Delicious and StumbleUpon. It is now easier for visitors to inform those around them of what interests them.

For Sale For Lease is a leading Canadian source for businesses for sale and commercial real estate. They feature industrial, retail and office space for sale by landlords, brokers and real estate agents. Listings span from as far west as Vancouver, BC to as far east as Halifax, NS and include brokerages ranging from small independent operations to multi-national corporations.

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SMI Commercial Real Estate joins the For Sale For Lease network

Toronto – SMI Commercial Real Estate joins the network with 9 properties including storage, industrial spaces and office spaces.

“We are glad to welcome SMI to our network. With their help we are continuing to broaden our national scope. There is now 120 offices, retail spaces and industrial spaces in Calgary and the surrounding area that are listed on the FSFL website.” For Sale For Lease.

Calgary SMI Commercial Real Estate Ltd. is a commercial real estate brokerage focusing on the Calgary niche market. Years of experience in all aspects of commercial real estate including office, industrial and retail leasing has positioned them to better provide clients with creative and strategic solutions to their real estate concerns.

For Sale For Lease is a Canadian nationwide website that showcases industrial, retail and office space on behalf of landlords, agents and brokers. They provide a medium to combine the interest of those selling and buying commercial property.

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For Sale For Lease and Twitter

Toronto – For Sale For Lease joins the Twitter craze in posting up to date commercial real estate for sale and lease.

A marketer commented, “Joining Twitter is a great move for us. We’ll be able to deliver a brief summary of each listing, current news, press releases and blog content using a medium that tech-savvy users are familiar with. Not to mention, this is going to help us extend our brand.”

A number of accounts – catering to different property categories – exist where up to the minute listings can be found. Property categories include: retail, warehouse/industrial and office space as well as businesses and franchises for sale. A full list can be found here:

For Sale For Lease is Canada’s premiere source for commercial real estate and businesses for sale. Landlords and real estate agents can display their Canadian warehouse, retail and office space. Descriptions, pictures and, more recently, videos showcase what the marketplace has to offer for businesses seeking commercial space.

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Video feature added to For Sale For Lease

Toronto – For Sale For Lease now offers video profiles of commercial real estate and businesses for sale.

“Everybody loves watching videos! It’s more expressive than text descriptions,” an employee commented.

The first video profiles a campground for sale in Dryden, ON and is approximately 10 minutes in duration. It is the first of many videos to be showcased on the website.

In addition to textual descriptions and pictures, videos can now describe the businesses and properties for sale.

For Sale For Lease showcases commercial real estate and businesses for sale in the Canadian marketplace. Commercial real estate broker and agent listings are displayed throughout the website. To view the first video profile visit


For Sale For Lease Blog Launched

Toronto – A new blog has been published by For Sale For Lease. Postings will highlight industry related information.

A representative from For Sale For Lease commented, “In keeping with the company’s mission statement, adding a blog was the next logical step.”

The new blog features press releases and news posted by For Sale For Lease. It also will include commentary on clients, all of whom are a part of the commercial real estate industry. The blog will also include industry related content that can be discussed by visitors to the blog.

Those looking for commercial real estate; office, retail or industrial space; and those looking for businesses for sale can find what they are looking for by visiting the For Sale For Lease website. It provides an outlet that brings buyers and sellers together. Listings from real estate agents and brokers are posted.

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Online Traffic Doubles at For Sale For Lease

Toronto – Focusing on building a better web presence is paying off for For Sale For Lease. Monthly traffic in July doubled when compared to June. Both total visits and unique visitor figures doubled.

“We’ve focussed our attention on improving web traffic and I’m glad to see that it’s working. We will continue working to drive those numbers even higher.” Russell Littler, CEO of For Sale For Lease said.

Visitor traffic to the website jumped 96.94% over the month of July when compared to June traffic.  Much of this is attributed to the company’s focus on delivering a better web experience and focusing on reaching business owners and those looking for commercial space. Unique visitors increased by even more;  114.08%.

For Sale For Lease is Canada’s leading source for businesses for sale and commercial real estate. They feature retail, office and industrial space for sale by landlords, brokers and real estate agents. Listings span from as far west as Vancouver, BC to as far east as Halifax, NS.

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